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Thursday, August 2, 2007

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This is a story of my uncle and anti. When I was of 15 years old my parents had to go in the village for some urgent work. I had to give my exams so they left me in my neighbor house. On that night I was feeling something strange as I was not sleeping at my own house. I came from my room and walked here and there. The time was around 11 pm and the month of December. I hear a sound like “ aah oh ah oh “. I thought that there is something problem in the room with anti. I looked in the room from a small window I saw that there my anti and uncle were seeing blue film. My anti was in the bra and panty and my uncle was naked.

His dick was very long as was straight. After 2 minutes my anti kissed uncle and my uncle put off her bra the pushed her big boobs. My uncle was pushing her pussy and large boobs. I was enjoying the sex and sexy movement. Soon my uncle pulled ant’s panty. Then I feared but dot move from my position. He inserted his large penis in her vagina and started fucking and sucking.

I enjoyed that movement very much and after some time my uncle stand up and started coming outside the room, I feared and went into my room quickly and slept. Next morning my uncle came into my room and said, how are you. I replied well uncle. He asked me hope would have not problem in the night. I said no uncle night was very interesting and enjoying. My uncle laughed and went out.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My First Time True Sex Story With Twinkle

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Hi friends this my true fist time sex story when had gone to my uncles village in marriage. My uncle’s village is in Himachal Pradesh. I was 21 years old then. When I was in the marriage party i saw a girls, she was gazing me for a log time. I gave a smile, she also smiled. I thought “AB TO KAM BAN GAYA” it means I got the change. i went beside her and ask about her she told me that her name was Twinkle and come here in the marriage. She was in 12th class.I am not telling you the whole story just the main part of my true love story and sex experience.

I told her that she is very beautiful and I have not seen that girl like you in my whole life. After some time I called her for some private matter. i directly express my love for her and said that i am in love with you. She again smiled and replies that i love you too. That was the love at first sight. I asked her for a kiss she told me some one may notice. She told me that we will meet in the night.

We meet in the night and she game me a very close kiss of her pink lips. At that time there was a current in my whole body and I felt the power of sex. Next day she had to go but she pretended that she is not feeling well. She wants to meet me again for the last time. In the night at 1 pm she again met me. I was lying on the roof and she came and kissed me. I pushed her and kissed her cheeks and lips. We both were frightening but we want to do sex. I pushed her boobs. There were my uncle and some ladies also sleeping on the roof. I told him no to cry she told why. I told her I want to sex with you. She took my strong penis in her hand and took in her mouth. I open her bra and pushed her soft boobs and then I inserted my penis in her vegina. i started fucking. After some time she went. I surprised that she never cried and not even say “oh aah” I could not understand the matter, buut I was very happy. She never met me again and not even called me. Bu that was the first sex experience of me and Twinkle.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

True sex story of Naresh & Maheshwari

This is a true sex story of my friend MR Naresh (Not real name) and MS Maheshwari (Not real Name). This is the story of the year 2001 when we have joined Delhi University. We all didn’t have any girl friend. After some days we joined coaching centre where we made friendship with a group of 4 girls. They all are friends from school times. Maheshwari was very beautiful and sexy out all 4 girls. My friend Naresh fell in love with her. My friend is very shy nature. He tried many times to express his love for her but he could not. May times we all went for picnic but he could not express his love. He many times went to her house for giving her coaching for account; there too he could not express his love for him.

After one year i forced him to express his love then he went to a telephone booth and spends Rs 200/ on phone for only saying three word “I LOVE YOU”.

Now the Sex Story Begins

After that they met many times in restaurant and parks. Me and my all friend forced him do something with her. One day he called her in a restaurant. From there he took her to his friend house. The room was locked and there were no one in the house. He had already taken the keys of the room. They entered from the back side door so that no one could see them. They sit for 10 minutes and took rest. The problem arose who star first.

They started taking but soon Maheshwari felt that he can’t do anything. She showed her boobs to him. My friend got encouraged and he kissed her first time. Then they both started smooch each other. My friend didn’t force her for any thing; she took off her bra and upper clothes. She asked him to doing the same. But he denied then she came forward and opened his zip. She put out his penis from the underwear. Then he asked for the condom. My friend gave her Dotted condom for extra fun.

They both put off their whole clothes. Mahesheari asked about her figure. He told her that her boobs are impressive and big. They went on bed and started the first step of sex. He sucked her nipples and pushed her boobs she was becoming hot and cruel. She closed her eyes and enjoying to being sucked. He eaten her through several orgasms her net, her ears and west. Then she rubbed his black long penis and it began to grow. He explored the inner folds of her pussy and rubbed her breasts.

Then he inserted his penis and she cried with some sexy words like “OH YEH HMM OH COMON YES OH” Naresh started fucking her. Both were enjoying their sex experience.

They sexed in many new poses and enjoyed much the fist sex experience. The sexed with three condoms. Next day my friend told me that yar there is too pain in my legs. I could not understand the real matter. Then he told me the whole story of their fist sex experience.

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True Indian Sex Story of Neha and Rashid

This is the next chapter of my friend Rashid’s sexual life. Both the two girls Fatima and Shanti had stopped doing sex with him. But Rashid was searching new one for sex. One day some relative of Rashid’s family came there with a marriage proposal for his elder brother. Rashid saw beautiful girl who also came with them. She was about 18 year old and was studying in her town. They there for 4 days, Rashid started making his eye content with that girl from the first day. The girl name was Neha. Rashid become his friend and started taking about his school and friends. She also told him about her school and friends.

One day Rashid asked him about his personal life and asked about her boy friend. She replied that she has no boy friend. Rashid become happy and express his love for her. She smiled and accepted his proposal. She also gave him a kiss. In the night all whole family was watching TV till 10 pm and then went for sleeping. Neha and Rashid’s sister were on the one bad and Rashid was lying on the Sofa in the same room. At 11 pm when all the people had slept. Rashid awake her slowly. She first frightened.

He pulled him on the floor, she denied for he insist her. She came down on the floor. Rashid kissed her many times on her lips. She also kissed him. Rashid was pushing her boobs and sucking her nipples. She was getting hot and hot. She never had sexed with anyone prior to that. Rashid pulled gave his hand in his bra and pulled out both the big boobs out of it. He sucked for some time. Rashid gave his hand in her under garment mean panty. First she stopped his hand but after one minute she allows him. She also gave her hand in his underwear and enjoyed the first experience of penis.

But the big question was that if she cried than it could be a problem. He inserted his penis in her new packed pussy. She cried but Rashid pushed her mouth. Again he tried and that time he got successful and started fucking her. She wanted to cry with pain but she could not. After some time she also enjoyed her first sex experience with him. He did not use condom for sex with her.

Early in the morning Rashid cleaned all the blood spot on the floor. His sister awake and asked him, what he was cleaning on the floor, he replied it was so dirty. In the evening Neha and her family left for their town.

I have not seen any boy like my friend Rashid. He can do anything for sex. Suppose if his sister awake then what happen.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deepak's First Sex Story and First Sex Experience

This is a story of my friend Deepak. He was very thin and weak at his school times. But now he has developed himself in good looking handsome boy. Every girl likes him very much. We called him BABA. He has sexed with many girls but he can’t forget his first sex experience with his neighbor’s girl, her name is " It Is Secret".

There are three rooms in his house on ground floors and two entrance gates. One door usually remains closed. One day there was no one in his house. He called his girls friend by indicating him from the upper floor. She came from second door. He had already arranged condoms. First they talked to each other and after 5 minutes Deepak stared kissing his lips, he pushed her big tits. Deepak started rounding his fingers on her hips. It was the first sex for both of them she feared but Deepak was carried on. After 2 or 3 minutes she also agreed to have sexed with Deepak. Deepak got completely naked but she first denied, Deepak again forced her and tear her bra and pushed her panty. She became very hot.

Then she also got naked and they started sucking. She rubbed his penis and it started growing; Deepak massaged her boobs and sucking her nipples. He ate her through several orgasms. She had given him a nice titty fuck. Deepak insert his penis slowly-slowly in her vagina. She first cried from pain but soon came in the actual form and encourage Deepak to do more by saying wording “Oh Yeh” “Ah” Yeh” After having sex she went from there. Deepak cleaned the room and take five minutes rest. Then he went in his second attached room. He switched on the light and surprised to see a horrible seen. Guess what he saw there and hey he surprised.

The seen was that his elder brother was lying on the bed in that room and he didn’t even know that. We always make a fun of him and say be aware from elder brothers while having sex. What happened if his brother would awake? Give your suggestions what he would happen then.

These stories like to be false but. There are many people who love for the sake of love and they never talk about marriage. What do you thing sex before marriage is good or not if you say yes then you will allow your children’s to have sex before marriage. Surely no but they will do as this is modern age and every body have the right to have sex with. Sex story now a day is becoming popular on the web. It is the most searching term on the internet. True sex stories are seldom found on the net.


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If you want to have sex with some one does take care of yourself with proper security with condoms. There are many ways to take the true experience of sex with your lover. Some one takes sex experience in the bathroom and some take in their home. Honeymoon is such as pleasant moment of the life. Every one gets this change in their life. Some of them express true sex experience with in the form of true sex stories. The real fun of having sex is in the cold or in the winter. Give the advice to be married in the winter season no in summer if you can’t no afford to go aboard. Sex the sole of human nature. In the childhood he on thinks about play with toys, when he grow up then he thing about study and when he reach at adult age he thing to have sex and sex. He likes to meet girls and always intend to make them his friend. Not for friendship but to have sex with her if possible.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sex story hot story of Rashid Fatima and Shanti

This is a sex story of my friend Rashid and girl named Fatima. She lived in his front. Rashid was 19 year old and Fatima was of 18. The both were in the initial state of maturity. Both had got eye contact may many times. One day Fatima came to his house for asking about TV Channel. Rashid was bathing and there was no one in the house. She called for his mom from outside but there was no response. She came in and again asked for his mom then Rashid told her that there was no one in the house come in the bath room and tell me the problem. She came in the bathroom and asked cried by seeing Rashid naked.

Rashid push her mouth by his hand and said don’t cry. She ran from there by pushing him. After some days Rashid told her sorry and asked to come in his house by giving her a letter. She came and Rashid expressed his love. She laughed and ran from there.

Rashid’s family was going to their village but Rashid denied by saying he has to lots of school work. He called her and took her in the bathroom. The first they both sucked each other and after that Rashid put off her clothes and she also did the same. He pushed her big tits for a long time. She sucked his lips. Rashid asked her to clean her hair then they both got completely naked Rashid pushed her in his hand and took in his bed room in naked position.

They saw blue film in his computer. Rashid gave his finger in his pussy she cried. But both were made in sex. She gave the positive response; she started taking his penis his mouth. The both were enjoying their first sex. They were copying the sex positions same as in the blue film. Rashid asked her to keep her legs up and insert his little penis in her vagina. She cried but controlled after some time. They were unaware about the condom safety. She took his penis in her mouth both were taking the delicious experience of sex. This was the first premarital sex between them.

But after having sex they both feared and not meet for many days. Gradually their fear got disappeared and they meet again. She told him for having sex again but not in his house. She told him that her friend’s father goes duty and come in the night every day. Next day they went at Shanti’s house Fatima’s friend. She was also of 17th. Rashid and Fatima told asked for room. She took both of them in the right room.

Fatima got made and started kissing him. They both got naked soon and started fucking and sucking. They sexed for some time but her friend Shanti was seeing them from the hidden window. She got jealous and knocked for the gate. Fatima asked her for few minutes. They both came out and rest for some time. Shanti asked Fatima to had sex with them. Fatima denied but shanti again requested. Fatima told Rashid the story Rashid got happy and told Fatima that if he did not sex with Shanti then it could be a problem for you and me.

Fatima told them to have group sex. They went in the bathroom. Fatima got naked again and put off Shanti’s clothes Rashid started kissing Shanti. He kissed her tits, gave his finger in her pussy. On the other side Fatima was enjoying with his penis. Rashid asked Fatima to go outside and look after. Then Shanti took penis and insert in her vegina . They both sexed for some time and come out.

After this incident all the three started doing sex. But after two years both girls have got married and they stopped all these thing. But Rashid had become habitual and try to find out new one sex companion who can make happy him from sex sex and only sex. If you are interested in Rashid's further sexual stories. Give your comment i will give the complete information about Rashid Sexual Life.

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